Put Saturday 29th April in your diaries. St German’s road is sure to be closed that morning as TurningPointUK return for a third time to protest the Honor Oak Pub’s Drag Queen children’s story time.

The previous two times saw a few right-wing and neo-nazi sympathises vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters. Looks like this will be another repeat. What’s the objective? Twice they failed to stop it. They were almost completely ignored by the media with the exception of GBNews. The TurningPointUK’s demo was led by GBNews presenter Calvin Robinson. It’s part of their war they see as woke and the LBGTQ+ community who they demonise as groomers and pedophiles.

They are prepared to try and inflame the situation by posting fake videos. This time they are importing Scott Newgent as a speaker from their parent TurningPointUS – who are even more extreme. They have in the United States a leading reputation in cancelling and destroying academic careers of those they disagree with. For more read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turning_Point_USA

TurningPointUK Back Again!