Turning Point UK organised a similar event on February 25th. There was only a handful of protesters against hundreds of counter protesters. Worse still one of the few reportedly got arrested for giving a Nazi salute. The protest was led by GB News presenter Calvin Robinson who was pictured embracing the saluter.

Turning Point UK is the British offshoot of the controversial conservative Turning Point USA organisation aimed at recruiting young university students and blacklisting academic staff who they allege have leftist views. More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turning_Point_USA.

Turning Point UK are campaigning against drag artists and accusing them and their supporters of grooming children. They post provocative videos of drag shows and imply falsely this is what is going on at these children’s story readings. Their objective appears to create and inflame a ‘culture war’. They have succeeded on Twitter and GB news.

Hence their return to the Honor Oak Pub on March 25th. Predictably there will also be a counter protest. Choose your side.

Turning Point return to picket Honor Oak Pub on March 25th