Swapping is the new shopping

Artsy Clothes Swap at Doopo Doopo, 15 Dartmouth Road, SE23 on 15 September 2012. from 5pm to 8pm

Are you bored with your clothes? Do you own things you no longer wear? Maybe you fancy something new?

We have all got clothes in our wardrobes which we no longer wear as they do not fit or we no longer like the colour or style. We may even have clothes which we changed our mind about, have never worn, but never took back to the store we bought them from.

Saturday, 15 September is your chance to clear some space in your wardrobe and find something new, exciting and stunning.

For only £3, you can take along three pieces of arty, colourful or exciting clothes and accessories to swap at DoopoDoopo Gallery and Boutique, 15 Dartmouth Road, SE23 3HN. Bring three items and take three different items away. Kids go free and there will be wine, cake and music from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Don’t dawdle! Dig through your closet and take something to swap which is too big, too small, you’re bored with or is not your colour or style. It’s frugal, eco-friendly and fun!

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