Horniman Sundial Trail: June 2005

The summer solstice marked the placing of the last sundial to mark completion of the Horniman’s Sun Dial Trail. 1pm (noon GMT) placed the sun at the highest point of the year and with a clear sky the temperature soared into the high eighties.

The ideal time and the Horniman Gardens was the ideal place. Created in partnership with the British Sundial Society Forest Hill now has a trail covering 10 very different solar time instruments.

To follow the trail – first pick a sunny day – and then pick up a trail leaflet in the main Horniman Museum. The first sundial is on the conservatory and you wind your way around the gardens and up on to the mount with its grand view of Kent.

Forget your digital watch and follow time as measured for thousands of years. Only in the last two hundred years have mechanical clocks been accurate enough to takeover and only in the last twenty years has electronics displaced cogs & springs.

Now the science of gnomics – or ‘dialling’ has experienced a resurgence and looks like capturing the affection and imagination of generations of the future.

Come enjoy our virtual walk through these beautiful timepieces. Click  on the image below: