Believe in Women

Today is International Women’s Day. To celebrate this, BelEve UK, a local Social Enterprise that is passionate about inspiring change and empowering growth by supporting young girls and women will be organising an event to be held at the Forest Hill Methodist Centre, Normanton Street on Saturday, 23 March from 2-6 pm.


Beleve UK are dedicated to working with young women living in Lewisham, aged 14-19 years, who are facing diverse challenges and barriers to education, employment and a career, especially young mothers, NEETs (those Not in Employment, Education or Training) category and those with disadvantages.

Beleve UK’s programme takes an holistic approach in making a real difference and contributing to an individual’s transition to womanhood. This will include assessing the young women’s individual needs, family dynamics and any other factors that could be contributing to them being dis-engaged against the programme’s strategic objectives. The core offering will be a trained Mentor alongside 12-15 weeks of skills training workshops, serving to increase their life skills and capabilities, whilst supporting the individual’s agreed plan, ie. do they want to get back into education or training or enter the workplace. Each young woman will leave the programme having engaged with core workshops that focus on:

  • Communication & negotiation
  • Confidence & resilience
  • Image & identity
  • Building and sustaining healthy relationships
  • Career aspirations
  • Wellbeing